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Yankee candle sale

Yankee Candle, these beautiful and highly scented candles were born in America at Christmas in 1969.
The success of the Yankee Candle has is based on a firm foundation. It all started with a seventeen-year-old teenager called Mike Kittredge who, desperate to find a present for his mother, melted some crayons to make a candle. A neighbour saw it and persuaded him to sell her the candle.

Yankee Candles for sale

With that small earning, he purchased enough wax to make another two candles, one for his mother and the other to sell. That was the moment when the first Yankee Candle was created.
Today, the Yankee Candle fragrances such as christmas Yankee Candle can recreate the sensory sensation of a fantastic landscape or a christmas day in your home, drawing the user into a new dimension.
There are three categories of Yankee Candle; the tea-light tart, the traditional candle and the candle in a jar or tumbler. Typically, the cost increases with the Yankee Candle size.

Where to buy Yankee Candles: tipology and costs

The least expensive is the flameless wax melt which costs €2.25, while the most expensive is the large Yankee Candle sale jar which costs €29.90. The prices may vary depending on the offer or promotion.
These decorative candles are made from the highest-quality raw materials; the wicks are 100% genuine cotton, the glass is top quality, the wax and paraffin are purified and only natural colourings are used.
Every jar guarantees up to 150 hours of pleasant perfume that diffuses throughout the home.
What are you waiting for? Choose one of the many different fragrances and purchase a Yankee Candle online.
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