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Nooz Optics glasses

Small, comfortable and elegant ... these are the three characteristics of Nooz Optics: the perfect stylish glasses for those who pass all day long in front of the PC.
Today we live a large part of our time in front of a screen, either for work, in front of the PC, or for simply for fun, for instance with a smartphone. We do not realize, however, that our eyes get tired more and more until we are left a few tenths less and a blurred vision. Presbyopia is the worsening of the ability to focus at a distance of 30-40 meters and it is usually corrected with reading glasses. This problem tends to worsen with age, forcing the unlucky person to change eyeglasses from year to year.
The first problem with having to wear glasses is that they are really impractical especially for those who are not used to. People usually keep forgetting them and therefore are forced to keep them around their necks with a lanyard.
Nooz Optics has thought of a very interesting and innovative pair of glasses because they can always be worn with us as a keychain.

How are the Nooz Optics made?

Another special feature is the variety of colors to suit the tastes and passions of anyone. Nooz Optics has made plastic lenses of two different shapes: oval and rectangular. What is most appreciated above all is the lightness but at the same time the robustness of these glasses.

Price of Nooz Optics

The price of Nooz Optics glasses is within everyone's reach, only €19.90. Let you be conquered by the cosiness of these eyeglasses and buy them online at

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