As of today, shopping on Tempter gives you a major benefit: with MyTempter Fidelity you get a 10% refund on every purchase you make.
It is a simple and instant cashback system: register, get your personal promocode, start shopping and earn virtual credit you can spend on your next purchase.

Read the regulations to find out all the details of the promotion.
Want to earn some credit now? Just two steps to take part in the MyTempter Fidelity programme: register on the website and sign up for the newsletter.
Already registered on the website and for the newsletter?
Great! You will get your promocode via mail.
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  • You can take part in the MyTempter Fidelity program only if you are registered on the website and for the Tempter newsletter.
  • The initiative is valid from 29/01/2018 and is not retroactive.
  • If you have registered, you will receive with the registration e-mail with a personal promocode you can use to earn virtual credit.
  • The promocode should be entered manually at the time of purchase to be able to spend your credit on
  • The personal promocode is non transferrable.
  • Each order placed on earns you virtual credit equal to 10% of the same order (calculated on the total including VAT).
  • You can spend the credit earned on your next order.
  • You must spend all the credit earned in one purchase, it may not be split.
  • To use the credit earned, the minimum order value must be at least €1 more than the credit.
  • Once you have earned and spent the credit on a purchase, you can begin earning credit again with your subsequent purchases.
  • The promo can be combined with other promotions and with the discounts offered on the / website.
  • Returns are excluded: if the order has been placed but you ask for a refund, the credit is cancelled.
  • The credit is calculated on the order total net of shipping and payment costs.
  • The credit lasts 365 days (1 calendar year) from the first credit earned.
  • The initiative lasts 2 years (until 31/01/2020).
  • The credit is redeemed when the order is set as completed and paid: if you use bank transfer or cash on delivery as a payment method, you can avail of your virtual credit only when Tempter receives order payment.
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