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Napkin Eternal Pencils

How was the eternal pencil created

The endless pencil is supplied with a particular point made of a special metal alloy. This alloy has been studied and created thanks to the research made by Italian university institutes. The aim was to make an indelible pencil, like the ink of a pen. They made a pencil that could oxidise paper at contact and they patented it under the name Ethergraf. That’s how the Pininfarina eternal pencil was created.

Pininfirina Napkin Eternal Pencils

The Pininfarina Napkin eternal pencil comes in a very elegant box in walnut wood and then placed inside a cardboard packaging. The Pininfarina logo is on all boxes and packaging. The veining of the walnut wood captured by the light make the box and the Pininfarina eternal pencil a very elegant accessory.
The eternal pencil writes in a very similar way to an unsharpened pencil. With a slight pressure the mark the eternal pencil leaves results quite light and looks a lot like the mark left by a 2H or a 3H pencil. If you want to leave a darker mark with the eternal pencil you must press much harder.

The price of the Pininfarina eternal pencil

The price of the eternal pencil can vary a lot. The basic price is 5€ for the more simple ones and 89€ for the Pininfarina eternal pencil in Napkin walnut wood. You can order the products in decreasing order of price by clicking on this link, this way you will discover which eternal pencil is the most expensive.
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