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Parker pens

If we have never owned a Parker fountain pen or even a Parker ballpoint pen at least we have all seen one in the hands of many people. Parker is a historic brand in fact, the Parker Pen Company was founded at the end of the 1800s.

Parker pen reseller is the reseller for Parker pens in Italy and abroad.

Parker Ballpoint pens and fountain pens

A Parker fountain pen in gold, silver or simply in steel is a classic object that is never out of date – but what is most important is, of course that it writes in an excellent way. Parker fountain pens has unlimited refills thanks to its specific cartridges, while the Parker ballpoint pen has the advantage of quality at a totally affordable price.
Nowadays, Parker offers a vast choice of models, colours and technical characteristics. A Parker pen can be a traditional fountain pen but also a Jotter ballpoint pen, a rollerball pen, or a ballpoint pen with gel ink.  

How much does a Parker pen cost?

The price of a Parker pen can vary a lot according to the model. The Parker Rollerball pen costs about 5.30€, unless it’s on offer. The most expensive Parker pen is the Parker IM Premium pen which costs 74€.

Models of Parker Pens

Here are some models of Parker pens that you can buy on

Jotter ballpoint pens

The Parker Jotter ballpoint pen is a classic Parker pen. It is the most well-known amongst all Parker pens besides being among the first on the market since 1954. It costs about 17€ and it is a ballpoint pen.


The Urban Parker pen was created to offer comfort and functionality for the user. The Quickflow technology enables a very high level of writing performance. It costs about 31€.

IM Parker pens

The IM Parker pen is the best range for quality/price. The fountain pens have cartridge refills and the rollerball has long lasting refills. It costs about 74€.
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