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Discounted Invicta Backpacks

Invicta is a historical Italian company, based in Leinì in the province of Turin, which produces bags and backpacks since 1926. On you can buy Invicta backpacks at discounted prices. We are retailers of Invicta backpacks, thus we make every month offers and promotions for purchasing discounted Invicta backpacks.

Invicta Backpacks for leisure time and school

Invicta backpacks are designed to withstand and protect their contents in the best possible way; this makes them perfect for leisure time and school.
We are all aware of the young and trendy style of the Invicta school backpacks, produced with the highest quality materials and guaranteed for life.

Invicta school backpacks

It is impossible to imagine nowadays walking in the city, going to school or university or playing sports without an Invicta backpack. Whether you are talking about a simple model, with soft colors, or original graphics and strong visual impact, in leather or in canvas, Invicta has no limits! Ergonomic braces and back supports offer to Invicta school backpacks an extraordinary comfort, rendering them capable of adapting to the structure of each person.

New Invicta Backpacks: backpacks with smiley faces and reversible

The latest news concerning the new Invicta Backpacks collection are the Invicta Backpacks with the smiley faces. Especially tailored-made for children, the Invicta Backpacks with smiley faces are very reminiscent of the cartoons style. And lastly, what is good to remember is that the Invicta Backpacks with smiley faces are reversible or can be used in two different sides depending on your taste.
The interior of the Invicta Backpacks is very spacious and padded to protect their contents; furthermore, the interior can be reached very easily thanks to the comfortable zip on each pocket.

What is the price of the Invicta Backpack?

Depending on the model, the cost of an Invicta Backpack varies from €55 to €73.
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