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Discounted Seven Backpacks

If you have not yet purchased your backpack for the new school year, take advantage right now of the offer on backpacks for school signed Seven! The Seven backpacks are characterized by a colored-stylish design and you can choose your favorite one among an infinite number of available models.

Backpacks Seven 2019-2020: The Double and Advanced new collection

Backpacks Seven 2019-2020: you can find on our website both The Double Seven Reversible Backpack, composed of two sides: one patterned and the other in solid color, and the Advanced Seven Backpack with a rounded design and an innovative shape, especially designed for those who need to carry heavy loads.
SJ Backpacks
The SJ Backpacks is a line of Seven backpacks for the little ones. Discover the colorful variants of SJ Backpacks at

Special Offer for Seven School Backpack

On you can find lots of Seven School Backpacks on special offers. In addition to the Seven School Backpack, you will also have on offer the new stereo foldable headphones, to always carry them with you for listening to music any time!
The Seven School Backpack has plenty of pockets and a comfortable padded and fabric-covered backrest.

Reversible Seven Backpack for girls and boys

Both Advanced Seven Backpack and Reversible Seven Backpack are designed for girls and boys as well, so all you have to do is simply choose your model and buy online the Reversible Seven Backpack at an exclusive price.

Change yours Seven Backpack look

Relating to the Reversible Double Seven Backpack, you can purchase the Cover at and consequently change the look of your Seven Backpack whenever and however you prefer to.

Seven Backpack dealers

Tempter is a Seven Backpack dealer. You can buy online your Seven Backpack at a discounted price.

How much does a Seven Backpack cost?

If it’s not on sale or promotion, the minimal price of a Seven Backpack is €49.90 and it is the price of The Double series. Whereas the Seven Triplicable Backpack has a cost of €85.90 but you may find it at €79.90 at
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